Why Perform Spray Dryer Inspections?

All spray dryers at some stage during their lifetime will begin to develop cracking and defects within the stainless-steel weld joins, or sheet metal itself. This is due to the dryer being exposed to varying mechanical and chemical impacts during operation.

It is important to perform regular inspections of spray dryers for several key reasons;

  • By repeatedly reducing or maintaining the number of cracks present, it lowers the potential for bacterial growth and possible cross-contamination. Therefore, increasing the safety of the product and the safety of the end consumer.
  • Performing consistent annual/biennial inspections can enable extended life cycles of the asset, as cracks and defects are identified in their early stages before they potentially lead to bigger concerns.
  • Preventing extended downtime for when larger corrective actions may be required; such as cutting out and replacement of certain areas, or complete replacement.
  • The reporting and certification documentation received after the inspection adheres to internal and external audit requirements, giving your clients more confidence in your processes and procedures.
Spray Dryer Testing

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Spray Dryer Crack Testing

Spray Dryer Crack Testing and Inspection Procedure

A complete spray dryer inspection, including repairs, can be carried out within 24/48 hours, ensuring that your downtime is minimised and you are quickly back into production. *

  • At Bioscan, we determine the best access method to use. Our bespoke gantry platform, rope access, ladders, or a combination. This ensures that no scaffolding is required and Bioscan’s technicians can perform an efficient project.
  • 100% inspection surface coverage using Bioscan’s electromagnetic scanning technology. With this technology, it enables us to detect non-visible cracks/defects and there are no dyes/chemicals required. Therefore, it is a cleaner and more accurate inspection method compared to our competitors.
  • Our fully qualified and competent welders perform the required repair and polishing works to meet food grade standards (client may also use their on-site or local welders)
  • Re-inspection of any repaired areas. This is critical to ensure that after the welding and polishing process, no further cracks/defects have apparated in the HAZ (heat affected zone)
  • Removal of all tools/equipment from the spray dryer and handed back to the client for CIP and production.

*(extra time may be required depending on repair works to be performed)

Fluid Bed System Inspection & Repair

In addition to the Spray Dryer, Bioscan can also inspect and repair the upper and lower compartments of the fluid beds, which are critical components in relation to the complete drying system.

Fluid Bed System Inspection & Repair