Tank and Silo Crack Testing and Inspection

Historically the only way to access tanks or silos for inspection and repair purposes was using scaffolding. It was a time-consuming and costly task. However, today Bioscan can perform this task within hours using rope access methods on diameters up to 4m, or with our unique rope access beam on diameters above 4m. It ensures that your downtime is minimised and you are quickly back into production.

Our rope access specialists prepare the rope systems on the outside of the tank, either using a tripod, or any existing rigging points available. This allows for safe working conditions and rescues to be conducted if required. The rope access beam has been specifically designed to fit inside manways and then quickly installed to the desired width.

Our technicians perform 100% inspection and any required welding repairs/polishing. After repairs are complete, Bioscan conducts a re-inspection of the repaired areas to ensure no further cracks/defects have appeared in the HAZ (heat-affected zone).

Rigging Setup

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Rope Access Beam 2
Rope Access Beam 2

We ensure that all the tools/equipment are removed from the tank/silo before handing it back to the client for CIP and production.

Note: Depending on the repair works to be performed in the tank/silo, we may require extra time for repairs.

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