Cyclones and Bag Filters Crack Testing and Inspection

Cyclones and Bag Filters can often be a challenge to access for inspection and maintenance due to their limited entry points and varying designs. Often scaffolding is the only option, which is time consuming and costly.

However, Bioscan can now perform inspections and repair/polishing works covering 100% of the internal surfaces of these equipment within hours, using rope access methods and ladders. This ensures that your downtime is minimised and you are quickly back into production.

Our rope access specialists prepare the required rope systems in order to inspect and repair the cyclones via the CIP nozzles and manways and via the bag and cage openings in the bag filters, allowing for efficient and safe working.

Cyclone Leak Testing

Welding repair inside a cyclone

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Bag Filter Inspection - Welding repair inside a bag filter

Welding repair inside a bag filter

Bag Filter Crack Testing being Performed via Ropes

Inspection of bag filter being performed via ropes

We conduct thorough inspection, offering 100% coverage ensuring any necessary welding repairs/polishing are diligently carried out.

The re-inspection of repaired areas is then performed to ensure no further cracks/defects have appeared in the HAZ (heat affected zone).

Feel free to contact us for further information and to arrange professional services such as cyclone leak testing or bag filter inspection.