Our main services include integrity inspections of: spray dryers, tanks and other process vessels

Bioscan Inspection Technology

Bioscan’s inspection technology is an electronic method of detecting defects, such as cracks, incomplete weld fusion, corrosion cavities, porosity and other defects that may cause contamination and/or cross-contamination of the finished product in stainless steel pressure and non-pressure vessels.

Our technology is capable of identifying the depth of the cracks found. We can also perform a material thickness check to locate any weak spots in the vessel.

Bioscan’s Inspection Technology is competent to test items such as:

Fluid Beds

Fluid Bed’s

Air Heaters

Bag Filters

Cheese Vat

Cheese Vat’s/Tables

The equipment comprises a multi-channel scanning system in order to enable a quick and sensitive scan across large surface areas. Also attached is a single channel probe system to enable scanning of small areas, such as corners and pipe attachments.


As well as carrying out a complete crack test, we have a team of fully qualified and competent welders, who will repair all cracks to sanitary standards. We will then re-test any areas that have been repaired to ensure no further cracking.

5cm crack found in Industrial Chamber

5cm crack found in spray dryer chamber

Crack repaired and polished by Bioscan

Crack repaired and polished

Before and after example of cracks found and repaired by Bioscan:

Reporting & Certification

We will provide you with a full detailed analysis report of your vessel, including before and after photos of cracks found. A 2D drawing of your vessel is implemented into the report and the location of any cracks, so that a year on year comparison can be determined of the vessels condition.

An examination certificate of your vessel will be issued for your audit requirements, if a pass criteria is met.