RELCO, LLC and Bioscan LTD are partnering to globally promote non-dye inspections and repairs for the food and beverage industry.

RELCO, LLC is a well-established, manufacturing company employing nearly 150 people with office headquarters in Willmar, Minnesota and with offices in the USA, Brazil, The Netherlands and New Zealand.

Since 1982, RELCO has been providing process technologies to over 500 cheese & dairy plants across the globe including Cheese Systems & Equipment, Evaporators, Drying Systems & Components, Powder Handling Systems & Equipment, and After Sales Support. They focus on alternative thinking to ensure their customers experience superior results.

Bioscan LTD and RELCO Partnership
Global Non-dye Inspections By RELCO & Bioscan

With the food and beverage market developing a greater focus on these non-dye inspection and repair services, the partnership of RELCO LLC & Bioscan will ensure clients requirements meet industry standards & audits.

By jointly offering the latest non-dye inspection technology which is able to electronically detect defects, food and beverage manufacturers will now be able to safely and accurately receive inspection and repair services without the necessity to introduce dyes or chemicals into their production zones.

Ultimately, processors will now be able to significantly reduce the amount of shutdown time required for inspection and repair services and increase overall productivity. With Bioscan’s expertise in inspections and RELCO’s vast knowledge of repair and fabrication, food and beverage manufacturers receive the most professional and reliable non-dye inspections and repairs service currently available.

Both companies believe that this will be achieved by ensuring an efficient and quality service, whilst attention to the safety of their workforces and the client’s plant is of equal importance. By recognizing the clients’ needs for these inspections on a yearly basis in today’s market, we are making client requests for services like this a clear focus in their business operations.

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