Access Gantry

Our portable gantry can be adjusted to suit the diameter of the spray dryer. It is an adjustable length of 1.5m – 14m and we have one technician situated at each end of the gantry, working at 180 degrees at a time to ensure an efficient test.

The gantry is tested annually and is constantly verified by trained technicians. Its lightweight aluminum design provides quick assembly and easy entry into the vessel, with a robust and strong construction (capable to support 475kg).

Our Method

A complete spray dryer test including repairs can be carried out within 24/48 hours, ensuring that your downtime is minimised and you are quickly back into production.*

Dependant on the construction of the spray dryer, the required access methods are installed. (Gantry, ladders, ropes)

The technicians inspect 100% of the vessel surface and any defects found are marked from a given datum ready for repair.

Our fully qualified welders perform the welding repairs if required. (client may use on-site or local welders)

Where repairs have been performed a re-inspection takes place to check the integrity and also the heat affected zone is verified.

Access equipment is removed and the spray dryer is handed back for CIP and production.

*(extra time may be required dependant on repair works to be performed)

Rope Access

Our fully certified IRATA rope access specialists guarantee our team’s safety. Ropes allow flexible access and movement inside and around the vessels, ensuring your equipment is fully inspected and repaired.

Inspecting and repairing complex vessels is no longer a time-consuming challenge, when combining our testing technology with our rope access specialists. Using our rope access specialists, we can safely lower our technicians into tanks.

Bioscan can also safely inspect the shafts and other difficult-to-access areas of tanks without the requirement of ladders/scaffolding.

Ensuring that safety is never compromised, our clients’ needs for fast and clean inspections can now be achieved in a variety of vessels such as;

Spray Dryers

Bag Filters


Fluid Beds

Process Tanks

Cheese Vats/Tables

Air Heaters

Gantry Rental/Purchase

A cost-effective solution for long term spray dryer crack testing is to rent or purchase our bespoke gantry as part of an inspection contract. Then store it locally and ship it between your factories. Our technicians then travel directly to your site(s) to perform the inspections.

Many of our regular clients are now doing this and seeing cost savings in transportation and time. If you are also interested, enquire now for a quotation & an estimated breakeven timeline.