Project: Inspection and Repair of 2 Large Infant Formula Spray Dryers (13m diameter x 20m high)

Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

In May 2023, Bioscan completed the inspection and repair of two of the largest infant formula spray dryers in South-East Asia in only a 5-day shutdown window.

Inspection of Roof Performed at VietnamAbove photo shows the inspection of the roof being performed

As the access into the dryers was extremely complex and Bioscan could not use their gantry platform, we decided that the best method would be using rope access. 3 Rope Access Technicians were deployed to the site and a 100% inspection was performed on each dryer, which lasted a total of 5 days. This included the setup and removal of the rope systems, inspection, repair and polishing of 10 defects.

Inspection & Repair at VietnamAbove photo shows a repair in the roof being performed

The client had been previously required to use scaffolding for these dryer inspections, which required a total of 2 weeks. Bioscan was therefore able to significantly reduce the client’s shutdown time by almost 10 days, therefore allowing for substantial cost savings and huge increase in their productivity of infant formula. Also, without Bioscan needing to use scaffolding, there was no introduction of wooden materials into the dryer and the risk of damage from the scaffolding installation/removal was eliminated.

Inspection of Cone Performed at VietnamAbove photo shows the inspection of the cone being performed

Utilising Bioscan’s expertise and electronic inspection technology, combined with rope access methods to locate all types of visual and non-visual defects, the client was extremely satisfied in knowing they could continue production of their high care infant formula products in safe conditions.

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