Silos and tanks are essential equipment used for storing and processing bulk quantities of products within many different industries. It’s crucial to perform regular crack testing inspections and proper maintenance to ensure their integrity remains intact.

Regular inspections can also prevent downtime and minimise the risk of product contamination and recalls. Without periodic inspections, minor issues may go unnoticed, but they can develop into major problems that down the line cause potential product loss and cross contamination.

In this blog, we’ll provide insights into the risks associated with inadequate inspections, helping you understand the need for crack testing inspection services and also guide you in choosing the right service provider.

A] Risks associated with inadequate inspections

Without regular inspections of tanks and silos, you can face several risks such as;

  • Structural damage: Inadequate inspection frequencies may lead to serious structural weaknesses, cracks, and corrosion, causing failure and collapse.
  • Contamination: Without regular inspections, the products in the tanks and silos can become contaminated, leading to spoilage, decreased quality, and potential health hazards for consumers.
  • Leakage: Leaks in tanks or silos can cause issues such as product loss, environmental pollution, and safety hazards.

B] Importance of inspections

Tank and silo inspection service providers have a comprehensive knowledge of potential issues found within the equipment, ensuring these issues are identified promptly. Early detection can help to fix the issue before something catastrophic happens, avoiding larger and costlier repairs that may lead to longer downtime.

Bioscan, a global provider of integrity inspection services for crack detection of tanks and silos, uses rope access methods for their inspections, this involves trained technicians accessing difficult-to-reach areas without the need of installing any scaffolding. This method allows for comprehensive and efficient inspection of the equipment, without the need of lengthy disruption to operations and ensuring the integrity of the assets are best maintained.

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C] Factors to consider when choosing a crack testing service provider.

When it comes to choosing a crack testing service provider for silos and tanks, you should consider the following factors:

  • Check if the suppliers have necessary accreditation and certifications, such as ISO 9001 and Safe Contractor certification. This ensures they meet the industry standards for quality and safety.
  • Consider their reputation and experience. This ensures that they can effectively identify and address potential issues during the inspection process.
  • Contact the service provider and get a quote for the silo and tank inspection services. This can help you ensure that they meet your specific needs and budget.

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Periodical maintenance of tanks and silos can help avoid major breakdowns and extended downtime. The cost of maintenance is also far less than the cost of a complete repair and replacement.

If you have decided that you require silo and tank crack testing inspections, you should consider Bioscan, a leading provider of these services.