Confined production equipment have become the integral for the manufacturing of complex and sensitive products, especially in the pharmaceutical, chemical, and food sectors. These critical equipments can present significant risks to safety and product quality. This case study examines how Bioscan, a leader in electromagnetic “crack testing” without chemical penetrants, has revolutionized how companies ensure operational safety in these complex and demanding environments.

Problem Statement

Effectively managing operational safety in confined production equipments is a major concern for companies focused on consumer safety and regulatory compliance. Specific challenges include early detection of defects and potential cracks, minimizing unplanned downtime, and preserving product quality in demanding working conditions.

Bioscan’s Solution

Bioscan offers an innovative solution that involves the application of electromagnetic technology for equipment inspection within confined spaces. Unlike traditional methods involving the use of chemical penetrants, this non- destructive approach is environmentally friendly and offers a high sensitivity for crack detection, while minimizing operational disruptions.

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The implementation of Bioscan’s technology involves meticulous planning regular inspections. This planning optimizes preventive maintenance, while reducing unplanned downtime. The non-destructive and rapid approach allows real-time analysis of critical equipment, helping companies anticipate potential issues.

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Implementation of Controls and Certification

In addition to the application of our innovative electromagnetic technology, Bioscan places paramount importance on quality and compliance. All our equipment and processes undergo rigorous controls and are certified to the industry’s strictest standards. 

This certification not only ensures the reliability of our services, but also the safety of our clients. It attests to our commitment to operational excellence and regulatory compliance, which is crucial when operating in sensitive environments. 


Companies that have adopted this approach have seen a significant improvement in operational safety. Early defect detection has significantly reduced the risk of contamination and major failures, thereby preserving product safety. Moreover, unplanned downtime has been significantly minimized, contributing to maintaining productivity and product quality at optimal levels. 

Client Testimonial

Testimonials from our client attest to the effectiveness of this solution:

Client Testimonial


Operational safety within confined space production equipment remains a major concern in the industry. Bioscan, with its innovative electromagnetic technology, is committed to helping companies effectively and environmentally responsibly address this challenge. Our approach not only preserves the end consumers safety, but also ensures product quality, strengthening the reputation and regulatory compliance of our clients. 

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