Challenge : Large Scale Repair Works With Minimal Downtime Disruption

Bioscan recently assisted a client in October 2023 with some major repair works to their spray drying chamber alongside the assistance of our access platform and expert technicians.

Spray Dryer Chamber Repair Work Bioscan

Spray Dryer Chamber Ongoing Repair Work

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This is where utilising Bioscan’s access platform was discussed, meaning that no scaffolding was required to be installed inside the dryer. After initial setup of the platform which took 4 hours, the repair works could begin. As seen in the photos large sheets were cut out and replaced with ease from careful planning of the operation from the inside and outside of the drying chamber.

Spray Dryer Chamber Outside Working Area

Once the repair works were complete, Bioscan performed a final check of the welds and removed the platform. This saved the client approximately 4 days of production downtime from not requiring scaffolding.

Spray Dryer Chamber New Sheet Installation

This method can also be applied to other large scale projects within spray dryers such as sonic

horn, hammer, nozzles, fire suppression installation, modifications and removals.

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