Bioscan is the global leader in spray dryer and vessel crack test inspections.

Using our unique electronic testing technology, which uses no dyes or chemicals, we provide the most efficient and environmentally friendly service currently available in the industry.

We ensure that your production downtime is minimized and audit requirements are met, whilst maintaining our high safety standards when working in and around your plant.

A full spray dryer inspection can be carried out in 24/48 hours, reducing your downtime and increasing your productivity.

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We Offer Crack Testing and Reparation Services

Bioscan Crack Testing

Bioscan Crack Testing

Our technology called Magnerscan is a method of detecting defects...
Bioscan repair services


As well as carrying out a full crack test, we have a team of...
Bioscan Inspections- Reporting & Certification

Reporting & Certification

We will provide you with a full detailed analysis report of your vessel...

Bioscan is the leading global provider of integrity inspections for food and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Our primary service offerings include spray dryer and vessel crack testing inspections and repairs. Using our highly advanced and accurate electronic scanning technology, combined with unique access methods, we are focused on preventing cross-contamination with minimum disruption to our clients’ downtime and productivity.

Why do the food processing and pharmaceutical industry require inspection services?

Vessels used to process, store, and transport food and pharmaceutical products need to undergo periodic maintenance to ensure the product isn’t compromised.  These vessels are subject to multiple thermal cycles and mechanical changes, which may fatigue the metal and lead to the formation of cracks. These cracks cannot be easily identified through visual/camera or dye penetrant methods, which is where Bioscan’s world-class electronic scanning technology comes in. It helps us efficiently detect hidden defects without using any dyes or chemicals.

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